Sleeping Like a Baby

Rich Sawyer, New Zealand
“I have had a hard time sleeping for years. I could not seem to stay asleep, and would wake up2-3 times during the night.To my pleasant suprise, the first night I used the Sleep InfoBoost I slept like a baby!”

Janelle Millos, Australia
“I am 45 and have had decades of not sleeping well, and after 1 night I am sleeping like a baby! This is a life changer! I feel rested and it makes all the difference.”

Inflammation Gone

Jennifer Lamkins, USA
“My inflammation is gone! 24 hours. NO swelling. No more pain/restriction in my knees – this is incredible!”

More Energy

Delany Delaney, Energy Healer, New Zealand
“For years I’m been trying so many different modalities, practitioners and diets to find a way to increase my energy. I felt exhausted so often. I invested many thousands of dollars in this quest for sustained energy and though some treatments helped. I have never had the sustained energy I have been seeking until now!I’d been using the Limbic Arc for a week and chose the Energy infoboost.First day I felt something. Second day I realized I had more energy.

“By day 3 I had strong energy and the brain fog was lifting.

“I don’t even have to run Energy every day now to have the sustained energy I’d been dreaming of. And..

“My body is receiving what is requires more effectively than it ever did with over the counter vitamins and supplements.”

Huge Weight lifted

Carrie Parker, USA
L.Ac., CMT (Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Massage Therapist)
“From the first moment I activated the Limbic Arc app, I literally felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my body! I sat back in my chair and said, “Aaahh!”

“I was able to let go of an extra 15 pounds with ease in less than a month, without hunger, irritability or supplements. My mood, sleep quality and general sense of well being have improved immensely and it just keeps getting better!

“Truly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.”

Peace, Ease & Clarity

Jackie Batog, Canada
“I love Limbic Arc!

“My body moves with such greater ease since I started and the chronic lower back pain I had is gone.

“I feel more peace and ease with who I am and I’m clearer than ever about what I want in my life.

“My struggles with self doubt and judgment continue to melt away. I am so grateful for everything else this app adds to my life on a daily basis.”

Saving Money

Cory Michelle
“I was spending $350/month on health supplements. I was able to eliminate all but 1 and I feel amazing! It’s really comforting to know I am not putting unneeded supplements into my body.”

Decreased Pain

Crystal Mischeif, New Zealand
“The moment I turned this app on I started giggling, so I knew something was working! But the real magic was after my first night’s sleep, a sore nose from a concussion last week was 90% pain-free overnight! I can’t wait to see what else is possible!”

Irene Lauria
“I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Cook and all his support in creating this app! After two weeks, I am pain free, following over 20 years of chronic Fibromyalgia pain.These extraordinary InfoBoosts have changed my life! I could have never imagined these astounding results so quickly. Looking forward to learning, growing and working with this magnificent company.”

I can finally Focus

Rebecca Scott, Accountant & Skydiver
“I tested out Focus today, my brain felt quick and everything was easy.”

Amber O’Hara, Colorado
“I was struggling with completing the book I was writing. My mind was foggy and I kept putting the book off either watching TV or taking naps.

So I started using resolve on Limbic Arc and felt a laser focus within a day and my book was finished within that week. The next week I had submitted my manuscript and spoken to four publishers.”

Unexpected Calmness

Tracy Reiffersheid, Canada
“I ran the calm InfoBoost with unexpected results.As a psychic who has so many emotions and feelings popping in from everyone, I have gotten good at filtering out but after the information comes in. It all feels like mine so I have the sensation first then the process of pulling my energy back to me (back home).

When I ran calm my father was transitioning out of this world and I was in the hospital then for a few weeks around family and grief. What I realized was that I was not being affected by everyone else. I created a calm in my world in a whole different ways. Super grateful for Limbic Arc!!”

Glowing skin & Balanced

JenaRose Francia, Arizona
“Since using Limbic Arc I have found that each boost I use compliments the next in some way.

I started with multi nutrition and my scaly skin started to have a glow to it. I knew I was deficient in nutrients, but didn’t know what my body required.

With Covid-19, wearing a cloth face covering had been made mandatory I discovered a severe PTSD with wearing face masks.

I’ve been running a custom boost and can’t tell you how much this has helped me.

Instead of coming home from errands crying, I’m overall happier. I have much more joyfulness in my life and people’s comments no longer rattle me.

I can just do me, so grateful.


Memory & Vision Improved! Walking better with
pain & inflammation!
Clearing Blocks in Life!

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her what InfoBoosts to use!
Carrie dropped 15 lbs with
no hunger or regime!
Fiona’s Quality of life is improved
without having to ingest anything!

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Memory is coming back for Dwayne! Daniel no longer has fear of heights!

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Limbic Arc experiences
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issues Karen shares!
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