Custom Programs Based on Your Unique Scan

The Spark Scan is designed to use your voice to analyze and predict what elements your body might benefit from.

Your voice carries information and energy that changes depending on what you are speaking about.

The Spark Scan uses that biometric input to rank ingredients for your InfoBoost.

You receive your unique biometric results, then activate the delivery of those elements directly to your body.


Is Limbic Arc Right For You?

  • Non-invasive and simple to use
  • ​Simple to set up in 4 minutes total after you register
  • Does not require you to be hooked up to a device sitting still for hours
  • ​Customizable or you can use the preset InfoBoost recipes
  • ​Delivers your InfoBoost 24/7 for up to 14 days
  • ​Increases quality of life with reports of increased happiness, joy, calm and gratitude

Choose from Custom Programs You Can Activate
Based on Your Unique Scan


Reduce Pain Increase Sexual Desire Decrease Inflammation
Better sleep Anti Aging Gut Health & Digestion
Calm Anxiety Address 5G & EMF energy Reduce allergies
Stop Smoking Detox General Nutrition
Weight Loss Brain Support Prosperity
Ringing in the Ears Circulation Parasite Cleanse
Lymphatic Support Blood Sugar Support Detox Support
Bone Support Hair Formula Nutrition Heart & Cholesterol
EMF Detox Support Lung and Coughing Decrease Inflammation
Joint Repair Kidney Support Gout support

You can also create your own custom program, by selecting from an extensive list of ingredients.

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