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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
Lifestyle and Health Coach
Master Herbalist

Updated August 2, 2020
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Testimonial -- Fever Blisters
My secretary applies a drop of Geranium oil 'neat' (undiluted) as soon asshe feels a fever blister coming on and several times thereafter. It stop them fromemerging. It will also help....

Herbs and Nutritional Supplements for the Hair, Skin, and Nails
Aloe Vera Freeze Dried
Stock Number: 1686
Amount: 64 count

Aloe Vera is a nutritional storehouse, containing vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, niacinamide, choline and 18 amino acids, in addition to many other nutritional substances.
Regular Price:$45.80
Member Price: $30.50

Aloe Vera Gel
Stock Number: 1679
Amount: 8 fl. oz.

For external use. Too much sun, hot objects, & other minor skin needs.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$19.15
Member Price: $12.75

Aloe Vera Juice
Stock Number: 1680
Amount: 32 fl. oz.

Used externally for many skin issues. Internally for digestive and eliminative concerns.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$25.20
Member Price: $16.80

Aloe Vera, Whole Leaf
Stock Number: 1693
Amount: 32 fl. oz.

Used externally for many skin issues. Internally for digestive and eliminative concerns. Whole Leaf ALoe is also used for its immune enhancing effects.
(4 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$40.95
Member Price: $27.25

Bentonite, Hydrated
Stock Number: 1725
Amount: 32 fl. oz.

Cleansing Clay. Colon cleanser absorbs & removes toxins. Used externally to absorb toxins & excess oil from pores.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$28.35
Member Price: $18.85

Black Ointment®
Stock Number: 1696
Amount: 1 oz.

Drawing, healing salve. Used on unwanted skin growths, wrinkles, splinters/slivers, etc. Draws foreign materials to surface.
(5 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$29.95
Member Price: $19.95

Stock Number: 803
Amount: 100 count

Blood Purifier. Enhances the body's maintenance systems; bowels, kidneys, digestion, skin & immunity.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$23.95
Member Price: $15.95

Burdock (360 mg)
Stock Number: 140
Amount: 100 count

Rid the body of acidic waste build up. Blood purifier. Chinese use to eliminate excess nervous energy, sweat out toxins & cool infections (reduce Yang).
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$28.90
Member Price: $19.25

Cellu-Smooth (with Coleus)
Stock Number: 926
Amount: 90 count

Say Goodbye to Cellulite! Mobilizes Fat Stores. Increase general circulation. Protect against Free-Radical damage to structural skin proteins.
Regular Price:$65.70
Member Price: $43.75

Golden Salve
Stock Number: 1698
Amount: 1 oz.

Golden Salve is a blend of herbs, oils and beeswax to soothe and moisturize rough, chafed, chapped skin and lips. Rapid tissue healing used in many applications; burns, sores, scratches, cuticles, diaper rash, etc.
(5 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$30.75
Member Price: $20.50

Grapine with Protectors, SynerPro®
Stock Number: 1750
Amount: 90 count

Powerful antioxidant in a antioxidant base of protectors to enhance their effectiveness.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$41.30
Member Price: $27.50

Grapine-High Potency
Stock Number: 1699
Amount: 60 count

Grape seed & white pine extract combination is a powerful antioxidant. 50 times stronger than vitamin E.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$52.95
Member Price: $35.25

Herbal Trim Skin Treatment
Stock Number: 1669
Amount: 8 fl. oz.

Softens, tightens & smoothes skin. Herbal food for dry, damaged or inactive skin. Toning & healing.
(4 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$21.40
Member Price: $15.50

Horsetail (360 mg)
Stock Number: 390
Amount: 100 count

Detoxification herb. Rich in silicon & Calcium. Useful for connective tissues and bone strength. Good for 'spring cleaning'. Helps with fluid balance and protecting immunity.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$21.80
Member Price: $14.50

HSN Complex
Stock Number: 3505
Amount: 60 count

Internal Skin Care. Herbal supplement provides phytonutrients and antioxidants to keep the Hair, Skin and Nails healthy.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$28.50
Member Price: $18.95

HSN-W Capsules
Stock Number: 945
Amount: 100 count

Hair Skin & Nails Formula. High in silicon - needed to make strong flexible tissues and bones. For hair loss, split ends, scalp conditions, fingernails, bones & skin needs.
This is a key system product.  Click for a list of the others.
Regular Price:$24.45
Member Price: $16.30

Irish Moss Lotion
Stock Number: 6021
Amount: 8.4 fl. oz.

The largest organ of the body and a barrier to unwanted invaders, the skin deserves special attention and care. Promote skin health, suppleness and elasticity with newly formulated, botanical-rich Irish Moss Hand & Body Lotion.
Regular Price:$20.65
Member Price: $13.75

Stock Number: 3860
Amount: 5 ml

This lovely exotic floral scent has been used to enhance romantic mood for centuries.
Regular Price:$118.15
Member Price: $78.75

Jojoba Oil
Stock Number: 1695
Amount: 0.5 fl. oz.

Jojoba oil is excellent for the hair and skin.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$25.20
Member Price: $16.75

Stock Number: 3849
Amount: 15 ml

This warm, earthy oil of has a history of use for the nervous and glandular systems for both men and women.
Regular Price:$52.15
Member Price: $34.75

Pau d'Arco Lotion
Stock Number: 1614
Amount: 4 fl. oz.

Therapeutic body lotion. For skin issues. Helps maintain healthy levels of yeast and fungus in the body.
(8 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$25.15
Member Price: $16.75

Stock Number: 3915
Amount: 5 ml

With a warm , woody, oriental aroma, Santalum album has a balancing action for the skin, and has traditionally been used for the urinary and respiratory systems.
Regular Price:$104.95
Member Price: $69.95

Skin Detox (SKN-AV)
Stock Number: 1299
Amount: 100 count

Ayurvedic formula for skin health, particularly for teens and adults. Used for acne (non-cystic) and blood purifying.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$51.55
Member Price: $34.35

Sunshine Brite Toothpaste (Mint Tingle)
Stock Number: 2851
Amount: 3.5 fl. oz.

All natural toothpaste with a fresh sparkly mint taste. Contains herbs and essential oils for teeth and gums.
Regular Price:$10.15
Member Price: $6.75

Sunshine Concentrate Cleaner
Stock Number: 1551
Amount: 32 fl. oz.

Biodegradable multi purpose cleaner. For kitchen, bathroom, laundry, general cleaning, automotive, garden, shower, etc.
(4 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$20.70
Member Price: $13.80

Tei Fu Essential Oil®
Stock Number: 1618
Amount: 0.15 fl. oz.

Stimulating aromatic oils are antiseptic, mood enhancing. For joints, insect bites, teeth, mouth sores, burns, and many other uses.
(6 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$17.65
Member Price: $11.75

Thyme, Wild
Stock Number: 3853
Amount: 15 ml

Allow Thymus vulgaris to help improve your circulatory, immune, skeletal, respiratory and nervous systems. Its natural woody aroma is not friendly to microbes.
Regular Price:$49.15
Member Price: $32.75

Stock Number: 999
Amount: 90 count

Varicose veins not only cause embarassment and discomfort, they can be dangerous, too. Vari-Gone provides support to varicose veins.
(9 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$25.35
Member Price: $16.85

Zinc, 25 mg
Stock Number: 1657
Amount: 150 count

Trace mineral critical to health. Tissue growth, repair & maintenance.
(5 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$18.00
Member Price: $11.95

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