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The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.
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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
Lifestyle and Health Coach
Master Herbalist

Updated October 20, 2017
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Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3
Most older children and adolescents in the United States currently do not achieve the recommended intake of calcium. Maintaining adequate calcium intake during childhood and adolescence is necessary for the development of peak bone mass, which may be important in reducing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis later in life.

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Products Beginning with 'V'
Stock Number: 1382
Amount: 100 count

It is especially useful for maintaining female reproductive health.
Regular Price:$35.55
Member Price: $23.70

Vaccination Detox
Stock Number: 8980
Amount: 1 fl. oz.

Relief of symptoms related to Vaccinations. Aids detoxification.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$20.25
Member Price: $13.50

Valerian (Time-Release)
Stock Number: 721
Amount: 60 count

In a double-blind study of poor sleepers, patients who took valerian root extract showed improved quality of sleep (determined by measuring brain waves), required less time to fall asleep and woke up less frequently than their counterparts not taking the extract.
Regular Price:$40.90
Member Price: $27.25

Valerian Root (410 mg)
Stock Number: 720
Amount: 100 count

Relaxant for nerves & muscle spasms. Calming & antispasmodic.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$19.45
Member Price: $12.95

Stock Number: 999
Amount: 90 count

Varicose veins not only cause embarassment and discomfort, they can be dangerous, too. Vari-Gone provides support to varicose veins.
(9 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$23.35
Member Price: $15.55

Vari-Gone Cream
Stock Number: 1835
Amount: 2 oz.

Provides nutrional support to veins to help maintain vascular strength and tone. Varicose veins.
Regular Price:$25.45
Member Price: $16.95

Vari-Gone® Cream (2 oz. tube)
Stock Number: 4947

Once blood has delivered oxygen to the body, it must return to the lungs via the pulmonary veins. In some individuals, the valves of the veins and the walls of the blood vessels may look weakened, sag, and even appear as large purple bumps in the skin said to be varicose veins. NSP Vari-Gone Cream can give natural support to help improve the appearance of varicose veins. The extracts contained in Vari-Gone Cream are provided in a base of natural skin cosmetic ingredients to promote improved appearance of unsightly varicose veins. Vari-Gone Cream may also be used to improve the general appearance of skin and to minimize the unsightliness of spider veins.
Regular Price:$32.25
Member Price: $21.50

Vegetable Seasoning Broth
Stock Number: 1393
Amount: 9 oz.

A fat-free, low-sodium and high-potassium seasoning or soup base from a blend of vegetables and herbs.
Regular Price:$22.40
Member Price: $14.95

Vita Lemon
Stock Number: 2932
Amount: 25 oz.

Vita Lemon is a nutritious, delicious, refreshing, lemon-flavored, vitamin-rich beverage.
Regular Price:$44.95
Member Price: $29.95

Vitamin C (250 mg)
Stock Number: 3241
Amount: 90 Chewable Tablets
Regular Price:$23.50
Member Price: $15.65

Vitamin D3
Stock Number: 1155
Amount: 60 count

Vitamin D is vital to the health of your skeletal and immune systems. The body manufactures this essential vitamin through sun exposure, making it difficult to obtain adequate amounts of vitamin D during the cloudy winter months or when sunscreen is used.
Regular Price:$14.65
Member Price: $9.75

Stock Number: 3332
Amount: 32 fl. oz.

A number of people today do not get optimal levels of essential vitamins and minerals. VitaWave provides 100 percent or more of the Daily Value of 17 important vitamins and minerals.
Regular Price:$57.75
Member Price: $38.50

VS-C Capsules
Stock Number: 937
Amount: 100 count

Virulant immune system Stimulant. To help with a wide range of weakened immune concerns.
(7 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$23.95
Member Price: $15.95

VS-C TCM Concentrate
Stock Number: 949
Amount: 30 Capsules

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) immue system support.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$36.75
Member Price: $24.50

VS-C® (Liquid)
Stock Number: 3167
Amount: 2 fl. oz.

Virulant immune system Stimulant. To help with a wide range of weakened immune concerns.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$23.95
Member Price: $15.95

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