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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
Lifestyle and Health Coach
Master Herbalist

Updated June 18, 2019
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Testimonial -- Infant Colic
I have been taught that breastfed babies get colic because mom's digestion isn't functioning properly. Justrecently a couple called me begging for help with their baby who had been screaming for 4....

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Products Beginning with 'P'
Stock Number: 1234
Amount: 100 count

Prostate & Pancreas support. Male glandular corrective formula. Reduces inflammation.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$33.00
Member Price: $21.95

Pantothenic Acid - 250 mg
Stock Number: 1640
Amount: 100 count

The stress, energy, & growth vitamin. Used throughout the body, particularly for adrenal glands.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$25.20
Member Price: $16.75

Papaya Mint Chewable Tablets
Stock Number: 485
Amount: 70 count

Tasty digestive stimulant, aids digestion, prevents sour stomach. Digests protein & acts on carbohydrates & fat.
Regular Price:$18.45
Member Price: $12.25

Para-Cleanse (10-day program)
Stock Number: 4115
Amount: 20 packets

Para-Cleanse is a 10-day program designed to support the efforts of the intestinal system in removing unwanted guests.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$39.15
Member Price: $26.10

Parsley (335 mg)
Stock Number: 490
Amount: 100 count

Parsley is abundant in odor-absorbing & oxygenating chlorophyll. Has properties to help maintain proper fluid/water levels in the body.
(3 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$21.45
Member Price: $14.25

Passion Flower (360 mg)
Stock Number: 500
Amount: 100 count

Antispasmodic, muscle relaxant, sleep. Helps with relaxation of tense muscles.
Regular Price:$23.65
Member Price: $15.75

Stock Number: 3849
Amount: 15 ml

This warm, earthy oil of has a history of use for the nervous and glandular systems for both men and women.
Regular Price:$52.15
Member Price: $34.75

Pau d'Arco (100) (500 mg)
Stock Number: 504
Amount: 100 count

Immune system stimulant, general tonic, blood builder. Helps maintain healthy levels of yeast and fungus in the body.
(4 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$22.45
Member Price: $14.95

Pau d'Arco Extract
Stock Number: 1774
Amount: 2 fl. oz.

Immune system stimulant, general tonic, blood builder. Helps maintain healthy levels of yeast and fungus in the body.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$24.45
Member Price: $16.25

Pau d'Arco Lotion
Stock Number: 1614
Amount: 4 fl. oz.

Therapeutic body lotion. For skin issues. Helps maintain healthy levels of yeast and fungus in the body.
(8 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$25.15
Member Price: $16.75

Pau D'arco/Taheebo Tea (7 oz.)
Stock Number: 1372
Amount: 7 oz

Bulk tea used as immune system stimulant, general tonic, blood builder. Helps maintain healthy levels of yeast and fungus in the body.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$37.95
Member Price: $25.25

Paw Paw Cell-Reg
Stock Number: 515
Amount: 180 Count

Paw Paw Cell-Reg selectively targets specific cells to enhance the overall health of the body.
Regular Price:$76.45
Member Price: $50.95

Paw Paw Cell-Reg (180 caps)
Stock Number: 515
Regular Price:$52.45
Member Price: $34.95

Stock Number: 1054
Amount: 100 count

Pancreas & Blood Sugar - for diabetics. Balances blood sugar levels, strengthens glands, especially pancreas & liver.
Regular Price:$37.95
Member Price: $25.25

PDA Combination
Stock Number: 3245
Amount: 180 count

Protein Digestive Aid. To help digest protein & assimilate minerals.
This is a key system product.  Click for a list of the others.
Regular Price:$27.80
Member Price: $18.50

Peppermint Oil
Stock Number: 1706
Amount: 0.15 fl. oz.

Stimulating digestive aid. Peppermint leaves contain menthol which is a proven aid to digestion. The familiar aroma of Mentha piperita is known for both its warming and cooling properties. Friendly to the sinuses, peppermint is also useful to the muscular system, especially for women during monthly cycles or menopause.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$16.90
Member Price: $11.25

Perfect Eyes
Stock Number: 4075
Amount: 60 Count

Perfect Eyes contains herbs and nutrients for optimum ocular nutrition and antioxidants to help protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals. Lutein specifically has been shown to support the health of the macular region of the eye.
Regular Price:$33.20
Member Price: $22.10

pH Test Strips
Stock Number: 2918
Amount: 100 Strips

Use these strips to test the pH of your saliva and urine.
Regular Price:$15.75
Member Price: $10.50

Stock Number: 4981
Amount: 100 count

Soy is in great demand because of it's use for the immune, glandular, and circulatory systems. Particular interest in woman's menopausal concerns.
Regular Price:$42.00
Member Price: $27.95

Stock Number: 1029
Amount: 100 count

Poultice formula. Injuries - pulls, lacerations & sprains. Internally as a poultice for the entire digestive tract.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$34.95
Member Price: $23.25

Potassium, Combination
Stock Number: 3673
Amount: 180 count

Overcome hard & dry conditions. Potassium is a critical component of all cells.
Regular Price:$28.90
Member Price: $19.25

Power Shaker
Stock Number: 2877
Amount: 1

Use this handy shaker to prepare the various drink mixes available.
Regular Price:$7.95
Member Price: $5.25

Pro-Pancreas (P-14)
Stock Number: 1027
Amount: 100 count

Pancreas, supports normal blood sugar levels. Relieves occasional glandular inflammation; pancreas, prostate, kidneys & liver.
Regular Price:$30.00
Member Price: $19.95

Proactazyme Plus
Stock Number: 1525
Amount: 100 count

Proactazyme Plus is a unique, general-purpose enzyme supplement to assist in the digestion of most food types.
Regular Price:$34.50
Member Price: $22.95

Probiotic Eleven
Stock Number: 1510
Amount: 90 Count

This formula provides 11 species of live microorganisms that exert many beneficial health effects.
Regular Price:$40.70
Member Price: $27.10

Protease Plus
Stock Number: 1841
Amount: 90 count

Protease Plus provides your body with digestive enzymes designed to break down proteins. When a deficiency of protease enzyme exists, undigested proteins can pass through the intestinal tract and remain undigested. These have been linked to a variety of unsavory health concerns and foreign invaders in the intestinal tract.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$39.45
Member Price: $26.25

Stock Number: 1050
Amount: 100 count

Prostate & urinary system formula. Male hormonal formula.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$28.15
Member Price: $18.75

Psyllium Hulls (465 mg)
Stock Number: 545
Amount: 100 count

Bulk fiber laxative (colon broom). Mucilaginous, high fiber bulk laxative. For occasional constipation or diarrhea.
Regular Price:$18.80
Member Price: $12.50

Psyllium Hulls Combination
Stock Number: 1376
Amount: 11oz

Encourages normal bowel movements. Contains high fiber content to aid in the absorption of bowel toxins.
This is a new product.  Click for a list of the others.
Regular Price:$34.70
Member Price: $23.10

Psyllium Seeds (600 mg)
Stock Number: 540
Amount: 100 count

Lubricating laxative. Psyllium seeds include both the germ & the husk a bulking mucilage.
Regular Price:$24.45
Member Price: $16.25

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