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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
Lifestyle and Health Coach
Master Herbalist

Updated December 18, 2017
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Testimonial -- Varicose Veins
My Mom has recently begun usingVarigone. Sheloves it!!!! It has really helped hercirculation & varicose veins! She says she's had awonderful "side-effect" with it and her lumpy cellu....

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Products Beginning with 'K'
Kava Kava (Concentrate)
Stock Number: 405
Amount: 60 count

Relax your body and reduce stress. Helps muscles relax without dulling senses. Promotes more restful sleep. May reduce discomfort.
(2 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$35.65
Member Price: $23.75

KB-C TCM Concentrate
Stock Number: 1016
Amount: 30 Capsules

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) kidney and bone support.
Regular Price:$41.95
Member Price: $27.95

KB-C [Strengthen Water] Jian Gu
Stock Number: 1883
Amount: 100 count

Strengthen Water/Jian Gu. Kidneys & Bone formula. For Kidney, sexual organ builder, chronic weakness.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$33.00
Member Price: $22.00

Keep Cool
Stock Number: 8784
Amount: 2 fl. oz.
Regular Price:$33.75
Member Price: $22.50

Kelp (525 mg)
Stock Number: 410
Amount: 100 count

High mineral 'gift from the sea' that regulates metabolism. Feeds thyroid and other glands.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$17.95
Member Price: $11.95

Kidney Activator (K)
Stock Number: 970
Amount: 100 count

Kidney and bladder support. Irritations, proper fluid balance, cleansing and building to entire urinary system.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$21.40
Member Price: $14.25

Kidney Activator (K) ATC Concentrate
Stock Number: 973
Amount: 50 count

Kidney support for infection & inflammation A natural antiseptic diuretic. Cleanse & build urinary system. For edema, incontinence & other bladder & kidney inflammation & irritation problems.
Regular Price:$35.25
Member Price: $23.50

Kidney Activator (K-C) [Eliminate Moisture] Qu Shi
Stock Number: 1872
Amount: 100 count

Eliminate Moisture/Qu Shi. Kidney support for too much water. Supports urinary and lymphatic systems.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$23.65
Member Price: $15.75

Kidney Activator TCM Concentrate
Stock Number: 1040
Amount: 30 Capsules

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) kidney and lymphatic support.
Regular Price:$38.65
Member Price: $25.75

Kidney Drainage
Stock Number: 3168
Amount: 2 fl. oz.

Provides the kidneys with the nutritional support they need to perform their normal daily functions and meet the constant stress placed on them.
Regular Price:$30.40
Member Price: $20.25

Krill Oil with Vitamin K2
Stock Number: 1516
Amount: 60 Capsules

Krill oil naturally contains phospholipids, which bind to the omega-3 fatty acids, improving their absorption in the body. These phospholipids are essential components of all cell membranes. They provide strength and elasticity to the cell membrane, helping to keep toxins out and let nutrients and oxygen in.
This is a new product.  Click for a list of the others.
Regular Price:$62.25
Member Price: $41.50

Kudzu/St. Johns Wort
Stock Number: 975
Amount: 100 count

Kudzu is backed by scientific information that it may help to reduce alcohol cravings. St. Johns Wort supports the nervous system in times of physical and emotional stress.
(1 Personal Story)
Regular Price:$40.60
Member Price: $27.05

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