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Updated August 2, 2020
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A manager of mine uses Nature's Fresh.She does foot reflexology and used Natures Fresh on allher clients' feet and feels this helps with warts as well.I've seen Tea Tree Oil....


Essential Oils



Introduction to Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Accessories

BIO = Biologic/Eco-Cert Organic
AOC = Appelation d'Origine Controlee ("Controlled Designation of Origin")

Stock Number: 3840
Amount: 15 ml

Enjoy its sweet, citrusy aroma and use the uplifting properties of citrus bergamia oil to benefit the nervous and digestive systems.
Regular Price:$41.65
Member Price: $27.75

Breathe Deep
Stock Number: 3879
Amount: 15 ml

Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus radiata, Spearmint, Cypress, Fir, Ravensara, Tea Tree.
Regular Price:$35.30
Member Price: $23.50

Chamomile, Roman
Stock Number: 3901
Amount: 5 ml

Soothing, sweet and tart- Chameamelum nobile is so mild it may be used externally for the digestive system. In addition, the nervous system greatly benefits, and it is popular in skin care products.
(4 Personal Stories)
Regular Price:$56.30
Member Price: $37.50

Changes Women’s Health Blend
Stock Number: 3858
Amount: 15 ml

CHANGES helps women ease the symptoms that are traditionally associated with PMS or the transitional phase of menopause with luscious floral notes, grounding herbal tones and cooling peppermint.
Regular Price:$44.65
Member Price: $29.75

Cinnamon Leaf
Stock Number: 3898
Amount: 5 ml

Cinnamon Oil has warming properties that comfort and soothe the body and mind.
Regular Price:$20.30
Member Price: $13.50

Clary Sage
Stock Number: 3842
Amount: 15 ml

The relaxing, sweet scent of Salvia sclarea has traditionally been used for its toning and sedative properties. It is especially appreciated by the concerned with the digestive and glandular systems, and particularly by women.
Regular Price:$64.90
Member Price: $43.25

Core Balancing Blend
Stock Number: 3873
Amount: 15 ml

Like a meditative stroll through a deep and fragrant forest, notes of wood and subtle spice help intent to turn inward; achieving centeredness and connection. Find balance with CORE.
Regular Price:$34.90
Member Price: $23.25

Essential Shield
Stock Number: 3887

Warm and inviting, ESSENTIAL SHIELD envelops the user with the familiar aromas of orange, cinnamon and clove to soothe and comfort during the changing seasons.
Regular Price:$51.75
Member Price: $34.50

Geranium, Organic
Stock Number: 3845

Use this for the glandular system, especially the reproductive organs. It also benefits the nervous system, and it is widely used by skin-care specialists in restoring balance between oily and dry skin and hair.
Regular Price:$46.90
Member Price: $31.25

Grapefruit, Pink
Stock Number: 3846
Amount: 15 ml

Here's a warm, light aromatic that's especially helpful for the urinary system, particularly for those on a weight-management program. It also benefits the nervous system during excessive stress.
Regular Price:$25.90
Member Price: $17.25

Helichrysum, Organic
Stock Number: 3943
Amount: 5 ml

Slow down with the deep warming, grounding emotional effect of Helichrysum oil. Best known for its benefits to injured and problem skin, this oil is an excellent addition to any first aid kit.
Regular Price:$119.95
Member Price: $79.95

Inspire Uplifting Blend
Stock Number: 3871
Amount: 15 ml

Juicy citrus and cooling mint awaken the senses while spicy undertones provide the fire needed to uplift, motivate and INSPIRE!
Regular Price:$23.65
Member Price: $15.75

Stock Number: 3860
Amount: 5 ml

This lovely exotic floral scent has been used to enhance romantic mood for centuries.
Regular Price:$118.15
Member Price: $78.75

Stock Number: 3848
Amount: 15 ml

This stimulating sunshine-bright aroma of Citrus limonum has several benefits for the immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems. Let's not leave out additional benefits of its antiseptic properties.
Regular Price:$17.30
Member Price: $11.50

Stock Number: 3870
Amount: 15 ml

As its name implies, this oil has a fresh, lemony, grassy aroma that has an efficacious and purifying element.
Regular Price:$17.30
Member Price: $11.50

Oregano, Wild
Stock Number: 3884
Amount: 15 ml

A powerful and 'very hot' oil. Supports immune system, normal yeast balances. Dilute well before using in a topical application.
Regular Price:$41.95
Member Price: $27.95

Stock Number: 3849
Amount: 15 ml

This warm, earthy oil of has a history of use for the nervous and glandular systems for both men and women.
Regular Price:$52.15
Member Price: $34.75

Recover Soothing Blend
Stock Number: 3856
Amount: 15 ml

RECOVER is an intense, frosty-then-warming blend of bold wintergreen with peppermint, camphor and other efficacious oils that is both penetrating and soothing.
Regular Price:$58.90
Member Price: $39.25

Red Mandarin
Stock Number: 3867
Amount: 15 ml

Mandarin Pure Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata, cold pressed).
Regular Price:$29.95
Member Price: $19.95

Refuge Calming Blend
Stock Number: 3876
Amount: 15 ml

Notes of mellow floral, luscious citrus and inviting vanilla create a personal quiet space in any environment where calm is needed. As daily stresses and worries accrue, REFUGE will be your beacon for peace and serenity.
Regular Price:$31.90
Member Price: $21.25

Stock Number: 3915
Amount: 5 ml

With a warm , woody, oriental aroma, Santalum album has a balancing action for the skin, and has traditionally been used for the urinary and respiratory systems.
Regular Price:$104.95
Member Price: $69.95

Sweet Marjoram
Stock Number: 3866
Amount: 15 ml

Marjoram has a warm and soothing aroma that calms yet strengthens. Marjoram helps relieve tense, sore muscles.
Regular Price:$52.45
Member Price: $34.95

Tei-Fu Soothing Blend
Stock Number: 3875
Amount: 15 ml

Invigorate the mind and ease the body with this soft, refreshing blend of menthol, eucalyptus, lavender, and other efficacious oils that relaxes and soothes.
Regular Price:$34.20
Member Price: $22.75

Thyme, Wild
Stock Number: 3853
Amount: 15 ml

Allow Thymus vulgaris to help improve your circulatory, immune, skeletal, respiratory and nervous systems. Its natural woody aroma is not friendly to microbes.
Regular Price:$49.15
Member Price: $32.75

Introduction to Aromatherapy

The Value of Essential Oils in Promoting Good Health Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly recognized as a valuable way to promote both physical and emotional health. The following will introduce some of the benefits of essential oils (EO's).

The Power of Aromatherapy
Have you ever been in a eucalyptus grove or in the pine forest of a mountain? Did you notice how refreshing the air was? In each of these instances, the trees gave off aromatic components that had the effect of ionizing the air about them. That's right! Certain essential oils have the effect of ionizing and refreshing the air. That's why in many hospitals throughout Europe, especially in France, an aromatherapy diffuser is used to disinfect and clean the air. It should be noted that European hospitals using this means of air purification do not have problems with the airborne staph bacteria that are rampant in many American hospitals. EO's are well documented as to the effect they render on bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds and other germs, as well as the cleansing effect they have upon the air.

Essential oils have a specific affinity for the nerve tissues of the body. The most immediate point of nerve contact is that of the olfactory membranes located in the sinus cavity. These membranes contain the nerve endings which are responsible for the sense of smell. These nerves connect directly to a part of our brain known as the olfactory bulb, which has direct connections to many other areas of the mind.

One of these connections is to the hypothalamus, the stalk of the brain that controls the pituitary gland, which controls, in turn, the rest of the glandular system. Thus, aromatherapy is being shown to have a powerful impact on our endocrine system. Aromatherapy oils can relieve menstrual irregularities, enhance energy and even sexual desire.

The sense of smell is also intimately connected to that part of the brain called the limbic area, the area of memory. The limbic area deals with responses like fight or flight, pain and pleasure and perceptions of bad and good. Here we see that the sense of smell also has an immediate and powerful impact on both memory and emotion. Perhaps this is why we say, "the nose knows."

Choosing Essential Oils
As the molecules which make up an essential oilmake contact with the olfactory nerves there is a distinct neurochemical response that takes place in the brain. This response almost always results in an immediate memory reflex throughout the body, which is usually felt most strongly in the solar plexus. This solar plexus response will usually be either a relaxed, calm, settled sensation or a tense, uptight, squeezing feeling. This is the first indicator of whether a particular essential oil or aromatherapy blend is compatible with the body (and the emotions) at that point in time. Tension indicates the oil is having a negative impact, while relaxation suggests a positive one.

The smell and taste approach to determining which EO's to use or recommend is also quite effective. In aromatherapy the premise is: "If it smells or tastes good to someone that person's body needs it. If it smells or tastes bad then the body doesn't need it.” The body is designed so that generally bad aroma and taste is a warning-stay away. Pleasant fragrances are usually associated with influences which are vitalizing and replenishing and have positive influences on the body and nerves. Likewise, decay and petrifacation give off foul odors, warning us to "stay away”.


  • Massage: Mix approximately 7-15 drops of essential oil with one tablespoon of Massage Oil and apply amount desired for massage.
  • Diffusion: Place 10-25 drops of undiluted essential oil in diffuser.
  • Cooling: Add 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel to 7-15 drops of a "cooling" essential oil like lavender. Mix well.
  • Compress: Add 4-6 drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot or cold water. Soak small towel and squeeze out excess water. Apply to affected area.
  • Bath: Draw bath, then add 10 drops of essential oil. Agitate water in a figure-eight motion. If desired, add 1 teaspoon Nature's Sunshine Concentrate as water is running. Soak for 15 minutes. Try a sitz bath with just enough water to cover lower body and add 5 drops of essential oil.
  • Shower: Put 1-2 drops of essential oil on a washcloth and rub body with it while showering.
  • Inhalation: Place 6-8 drops of essential oil in a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head, lean over bowl and inhale for five minutes. Be careful not to let essential oil irritate eyes. You may also inhale oils directly from the bottle.
  • Vaporization: Add 10-20 drops of undiluted essential oil to the water unit of a vaporizer or humidifier.
  • Gargles and Mouthwashes: Add 3 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of water, mix and gargle.
  • Hot tub: Add 10 drops of essential oil to water.
  • Household: Add a few drops of essential oil to a dishwasher or washing machine to promote hygiene and aroma freshness. For general household use, add 10 drops to a bucket of warm water. If desired, add Nature's Sunshine Concentrate.

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