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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
Lifestyle and Health Coach
Master Herbalist

Updated December 18, 2017
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Air Oasis Air Oasis UV Purifier - For a Real Breath of Fresh Air!
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Pro-G-Yam Cream (5mg)

This body cream is a fragrance-free moisturizer containing wild yam root extract, an excellent source of diosgenin, a precursor to progesterone. This deeply-penetrating formula provides a dosage of 5 mg of progesterone per ounce.


Category:     Personal Care
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Body System:     Glandular System
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P r o d u c t     D e t a i l s

Suffering from menstrual or menopausal symptoms? Try Pro-G-Yam Cream. It's the fragrance-free, moisturizing and soothing cream that helps relieve menopausal and menstrual complaints, including inflammation, water retention, fatigue and stress.

Formulated especially for women, Pro-G-Yam Cream balances estrogen levels, treating PMS, bone loss and breast tenderness. The cream is fast absorbing, quickly combating menopausal and menstrual symptoms.


  • Supplements the body’s natural level of progesterone to help balance hormone levels.
  • Provides needed glandular system support while also supporting the nervous and structural systems.
  • Helps fight damaging free radicals.
  • Soothes and softens the skin.

Our Product Advantage
Pro-G-Yam body cream contains real progesterone, not synthetic progestin, which can have negative side effects. It also contains natural wild yam extract and comes in a unique herbal base that is paraben free.

Progesterone, wild yam, yucca, chamomile, ginkgo biloba and horsetail are blended with vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel. Each jar of Pro-G-Yam Cream contains 10 mg of real progesterone.

Apply directly to the body including abdomen, inner thighs and upper arms. Use one to two times daily always rotating application areas of the body. Use only one jar of Pro-G-Yam Cream per month.

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How Does it Work?
Like estrogen, natural progesterone is made by the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. It balances the effects of estrogen. Progesterone supports cell oxygenation, normal blood sugar levels, mood regulation, bone formation and utilization of fat for energy.

Some plants contain phytonutrients that are chemically similar to progesterone. Mexican Wild Yam contains generous amounts of a substance called diosgenin, a precursor to progesterone that can be converted to progesterone in a laboratory. Progesterone’s function as an estrogen balancer makes it beneficial for supporting the body during aging, menopause, hot flashes, PMS and other health concerns.

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