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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
Lifestyle and Health Coach
Master Herbalist

Updated October 20, 2017
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Nature's Sunshine Nutritional Supplements

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C, Vitamin - 1000 mg T/R (60)
For collagen formation & tissue repair; antioxidant; needed for metabolism of folic acid and iron; strengthens blood vessels; helps utilization of carbohydrates & synthesis of fats and proteins.

Co Q10 (30 mg) (60)

Co-Q10 also possesses powerful antioxidant properties that can prevent free-radical tissue damage in heart cells, as well as in all cells of the body.


Category:     Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytonutrients
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Co Q10 Softgel (75 mg) -
Body System:     Circulatory System
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Of all the bodily organs, the heart contains the largest concentration of coenzyme Q10. Thatís because the heart muscle uses large amounts of this vitamin-like substance to release stored energy from fat. Co-Q10 also possesses powerful antioxidant properties that can prevent free-radical tissue damage in heart cells, as well as in all cells of the body. Co-Q10, also known as ubiquinone, is considered essential for maintaining the health of all cells, especially when they are under stress or require immune support.


  • Provides nutritional support for the heart and the entire circulatory system.
  • Quenches free radicals, providing protection against cell damage.
  • Is essential for energy production.
  • Supports a strong immune system.
  • Assists the body in combating the aging process.
  • Helps protect gum tissue.
  • Supports liver health.

Our Product Advantage
Maintenance of the entire circulatory system is essential to heart health.NSP Co-Q10-30 combines Co-Q10 with capsicum, ginkgo, magnesium and more than half of the recommended daily value for copper and zinc. These ingredients work synergistically to energize and protect heart cells, support circulation and maintain arterial health.

Natureís Sunshine combines 30 mg of Co-Q10 with magnesium (100 mg), zinc (30 mg), copper (3.9 mg) and a proprietary blend of capsicum fruit and ginkgo leaves.

Take 1-3 capsules daily with meals that contain a little fat for better absorption.

Complementary Products

     Nutritional:   Super Antioxidant, Mega-Chel, Cardio Assurance
     Homeopathics:   Fatigue/Exhaustion
     Essential Oils:   Lemon BIO, Eucalyptus BIO, Rosemary

Scientific Data
Over time, the bodyís cells produce less Co-Q10, which may result in fatigue and affect overall health. After 35 years of research on Co-Q10, scientists have discovered that many people who suffer from being overweight or who wish to support circulatory health have less Co-Q10 in their heart tissue and other cells. And several cholesterol-reducing medications can lower Co-Q10 levels in the body. In addition to providing strength, energy and protection to the heart, Co-Q10 works to support arterial health. It may also help promote blood pressure and cholesterol levels that are already within their normal ranges. Co-Q10 has been shown to maintain many cardiac parameters in high-risk subjects. Our bodies experience a greater need for Co-Q10 during convalescence because it is such an important nutrient for helping to promote natural rejuvenation. Even gum health has been linked to Co-Q10 consumption. Research has demonstrated promising evidence supporting the use of this nutrient in neurological health disorders, liver support and promoting the immune system.

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