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Sue Reynolds, Master Herbalist
Sue Reynolds, M.S.W.
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Updated October 20, 2017
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Advanced Recovery Lotion
Natria Advanced Recovery Lotion takes advantage of your down time to nourish your skin. As you sleep, the skinís absorption is most efficient. Advanced Recovery Lotion quenches the skinís thirst for moisture and helps maintain an ideal level of hydration. Each morning your skin looks and feels better than the night before.

Skeletal Strength

Skeletal system. Strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis. Promotes proper digestion & assimilation.


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P r o d u c t     D e t a i l s

Skeletal Strength
Maintain a Strong Foundation

Skeletal Strength (SKL) is a supplement formulated to support and strengthen the structural system. Skeletal Strength is important for the maintenance and development of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin. Skeletal Strength also nourishes the nails and hair.


  • Helps rebuild and preserve bone and muscle tissue.
  • Supports stressed nerves.
  • Helps renew the blood supply to replenish the entire body.
  • Provides balanced nutrients for best utilization.

Our Product Advantage

  • NSP includes only the highest quality nutrients.
  • The formula is scientifically balanced for maximum benefits.
  • Important trace minerals are added to increase effectiveness.

Each four Skeletal Strength (SKL) tablets provides:

  • Vitamin A 500 IU - 10% of daily value
  • Vitamin C 150 mg - 250% of daily value Vitamin B6 5 mg - 250% of daily value Vitamin B12 30 mcg - 500% of daily value Vitamin D 200 IU - 50% of daily value Boron 1 mg * Calcium 600 mg - 60% of daily value Iron 3 mg - 17% of daily value Copper 2 mg - 100% of daily value Zinc 15 mg - 100% of daily value Magnesium 600 mg - 150% of daily value Phosphorous 400 mg - 40% of daily value Manganese 1 mg * Potassium 100 mg * * USRDA not established

Skeletal Strength (SKL) is in a base of hydrochloric acid, papaya fruit, horsetail herb, pineapple fruit, parsley herb, valerian root and licorice root. Skeletal Strength (SKL) provides the body with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy structural system.

Take 2 tablets with meals twice daily.

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How Does it Work?
Skeletal Strength provides essential nutrients that help increase the bodyís ability to repair damaged tissue and maintain cellular integrity against injury. Some of these nutrients may help increase muscle performance. Digestive aids are added to enhance absorption and utilization.

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